French vintage tablecloth and twelve napkins

French vintage tablecloth and twelve napkins

Price: $195.00

What a beautiful damask pattern this is. Both the tablecloth and napkins have a woven wreath around the initials which are DL or DC or perhaps you see something else.

They are beautifully white and will arrive freshly laundered and ready to put on your table.

Typically French brides, especially from Chateau families, have lots of linen monogrammed with her maiden name. Since this is not the name she will have when married, she doesn't care. Nor should you if these are not your initials as this rare and beautiful cloth is a real treasure.

An elegant dinner deserves an elegant tablecloth and napkins. 

The tablecloth measures 65x89 inches or 165x226 cm.
The twelve napkins are oversize and measure 29x24 1/2 inches or 74x61 cm