French vintage canister set five pieces

French vintage canister set five pieces

Price: $225.00

This beautiful set of five blue enamel canisters is perfect for your French style kitchen or your retro kitchen.

It consists of Sugar, Flour, Coffee, Pasta and Pepper containers. While the set is in lovely vintage condition, I would put everything into a plastic bag before putting it into the cans. They are a bit chippy but so lovely.

This design is from the 1930's and though it came in other colors, the blue is most peoples favorite and the hardest to find.

The Farine ( or flour) canister has some damage to the enamel but the others have just a few chips.

The set is shiny and beautiful. 

Sucre 8 inches (20cm)
Farine 7 1/2 inches (18 cm)
Cafe 7 inches (17 cm)
Pates 6 inches (15 cm)
Poivre 4 inches (10 cm)

What a gorgeous statement this would make in your kitchen.

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