French antique tablecloth

French antique tablecloth

Price: $750.00
Rare and unique antique hand embroidered tablecloth. The open work is unbelievable. I have never seen embroidery as beautiful as this. The tiny little stitches on each of the leaves are incredible.

It is in perfect condition, no stains, tears, thin spots. I suspect it was kept in an armoire for years.

Two of these gorgeous grapes are pale blue and rumour has it that this was the signature of the person who did the embroidery. I am showing the blue in a photo but you would never see it unless you looked. I find this story charming. 

Though I buy a lot of things at the brocantes, I bought this tablecloth from the owner who said it belonged to her grandmother. 

I had it professionally washed and ironed and all the fold marks came out. It is in wonderful condition, I see nothing wrong with it.

The cloth measures 58x58 inches square.

A cloth like this belongs in a museum. It is an heirloom to be passed on generation to generation.

The color is just a touch off white.


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