ONE Antique French conversation plate. Set of 10 available

ONE Antique French conversation plate. Set of 10 available

Price: $25.00

The price listed is for ONE plate though I have 10 if you want more than one.

This amazing rare set of pink bordered plates is in absolutely wonderful condition. No chips, cracks or crazing, no discoloration. There is some white crazing on the back but not on the front. 

I was fortunate to find 10 of these plates.. If you want less than that, just contact me.

These 10 French rare antique faience transferware plates are from the well known mark Gien. 

This collection is called Chansons, which is French for singers so each plate, though different, has the singing theme. I love all things pink and to find this rare set is very exciting.

Each plate is different but the borders are all the same. 

I hope you like these speaking plates or as the French would says assiettes parlantes.

I would probably use them as a collection but if you want to use them do not put anything hot or wet on them, perhaps they would work as a bread plate. Do not put in the dishwasher.

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