French vintage hand crocheted runner

French vintage hand crocheted runner

Price: $140.00

This beautiful table runner using grapes and leaves as the pattern. It is so hard to imagine all the hours put into this runner as it was all made by hand. This kind of work is not being done anymore so I have to search long and hard to find any hand made runners. I buy them when I see them as I know how much my customers love them.

I am in Provence at the moment and bought three runners at a Brocante in Avignon. That was all they had. The woman in the stall told me they were made by her grandmother and her aunts for the wedding of her mother. This typically was done to fill the brides armoire to take with her when she marries. A lovely tradition that no longer exists.

The runner measures 31 inches long by 15 inches wide without the fringe. The beautiful fringe measures 7 inches long. 

The color is off white and there are no tears, however there are one of two tiny rust spots on the top that should come out when laundered. You might have to look hard to find them.

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