Antique French market basket

Antique French market basket

Price: $90.00

This gorgeous hand woven basket from the Perigord region of France is in wonderful condition though it is probably over 100 years old. 

This basket was lovingly used by a family in the Dordogne area of France to gather vegetables from their kitchen garden (potager) or the local market. 

The handle looks like twisted rope yet it is made of the same fiber as the rest of the basket. 

I love putting a basket like this on my kitchen counter, filled with rolled kitchen towels. It makes such a lovely decorative piece. Recently I filled mine with bottles of water to keep them handy for those of us who like room termperature water.

You could store your yarn in this basket and keep it on the floor next to your favorite chair. It is so beautiful and I can only imagine how wonderful it would look filled with different colored yarn.

It is a lovely soft greyish color that reminds one of a lovely beach somewhere.

The size is generous, measureing 16 inches across and 15 inches high including the handle.

While in France be sure and go to a local farmers market and you will see that the people always have a basket, similar to this one. You won't see them carrying plastic bags or shopping bags, it is always a basket.
They come in many sizes but since we are buying vegetables, fruit, cheese, meat, bread, jam and so much more, the bigger the better.

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