Vintage Mangle Cloth, upholstery fabric

Vintage Mangle Cloth, upholstery fabric

Price: $125.00

These vintage mangle cloths were originally used to help iron items in a mangle machine, and this would ensure small items stayed smooth and did not get tangled in the rollers. Mangle cloths are pure linen since that fiber can withstand the highest temperature. They are very special.

Today they are used for many things, table runners, drapes, curtains, cushions and more.

The color is beige and the stripe is red. There is a stripe running down each side of the cloth .

This cloth is in wonderful condition. It has been washed and though it was ironed, if you like it smooth it could use another go with the iron. As with clothing, the wrinkled look does work sometimes.

It measures 124 inches long by 31 inches wide. It is a large size so you can do many things with it.

I have another one exactly like this one if you need another one.

The price is for ONE mangle cloth.


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