Antique French Mail Box

Antique French Mail Box

Price: $575.00


What a rare and beautiful find this is. 100 years ago, having a postal box like this was just the thing for people who lived in the country. It is still truly magnificent. 

Just imagine it hanging outside of your home, on the patio perhaps? It has two holes in the back for hanging. 

It is intact with the enamel circle disc of days of the week on the inside so the postal person could change it each time they came to deliver mail. 

It could also be used at a country wedding to collect all the checks you will receive.

I can only imagine how creative you will be with this gorgeous piece.

This original French Antique Authentic Mailbox has been left in this lovely condition, nothing has been done to "clean it up". I love it the way it is.

It measures 15 inches high x about 10 inches wide x 6 inches deep.




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