Antique French wire basket with wooden handle

Antique French wire basket with wooden handle

Price: $175.00

This fabulous large wire basket from France was probably used by fisherman to gather oysters or other shell fish many years ago.  I think it is over 100 years old.

These baskets are rare and highly sought after today.  No, not for fishing but for so many other things.  Imagine putting rolled up towels in it in your bathroom, or lining it with an antique fabric and storing lovely linens in it.  There are so many uses I am sure you will think of something.  Maybe, just put it in a corner of your favorite room and admire the loveliness of this hand woven basket. 

It measures 11 inches high by 13 inches wide without the handle.  The handle adds about another 10 inches in height.

The beautiful sheet in the picture does not come with the basket, it was for decoration only.


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