French antique 19th century quilt

French antique 19th century quilt

Price: $525.00

This absolutely gorgeous antique French quilt is made from two beautiful patterns.

It is in good solid condition but for a large stain on the beige floral side. I do not know what caused this nor did I try to remove it. You would be buying it in "as is" condition. I hope that soaking will remove the stain but I don't have any place to soak it or hang it to dry so I didn't even try. I don't know if it will ever come out, I make no promises. I did my best to photograph the stain. The stain measures about 27x16 inches with varying degrees of discoloration. There is only one very small tear which I have photographed. I would not have bought this if I did not fall in love with it. 

The price of the quilt is commensurate with the stain on it. Were it not for the stain the price would be considerably more for such a wonderful piece of antiquity.

It measures 87x89 inches or 221x226cm

Please notice all the hand stitches from the body of the quilt to the border which has 3 rows of hand quilting. What a labor of love this was. This kind of work is no longer done so we have to hold onto it lest we not forget.

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